Innovation in Short Shelf Life Logistics

Affordable Automation

Peak Asset Performance

Safe Workplace

Stackflo Introduction: 3.5 minutes

Stackflo In Action: 5.5 minutes

Stackflo Sonata

Just as a sonata creates harmony across multiple elements, Stackflo Sonata transforms milk crate logistics. A cacophony of complex tasks becomes a coherent, harmonious and high performance process.

Our innovative Sonata technology delivers an affordable solution in a compact footprint.
Stackflo Sonata, proven and safe.

software + automation + support


Stackflo Sonata delivers specific and measurable benefits to the financial performance of assets in the coolroom.

Our software achieves this with key features that simplify tasks for the operators, and with sophisticated algorithms that make optimum decisions.


Stackflo Sonata automation handles stock from receipt into store through bulk storage, picking, preparation into delivery format - crates, pallets, roll cages, one-way packaging - and subsequent loadout onto a truck.

It does this with less physical equipment than any other proven system and with a smaller and denser footprint than any manual system.


When you buy our solution you don’t just buy it for a few years. Stackflo Sonata is designed from the ground up to be supportable. We are available 24/7 for the lifetime of your equipment. Our service covers:

Short term problems needing immediate attention.

Lifetime support for future-proofing towards growing business needs and changing technology.