Stackflo Sonata Software

Specific and measurable benefits to the performance of financial assets. 

Stackflo Sonata software delivers specific and measurable benefits to the financial performance of coolroom assets. We achieve this with key features that simplify tasks for the operators, and with sophisticated algorithms that make optimum decisions.


Specialised Warehouse Management System

In addition to common WMS functionality, Stackflo Sonata offers unique control and tracking at the level of individual crates. It also uses sophisticated algorithms to optimise the flow of crate transfers through the coolroom - by bulk quantity; by stack; by crate, and by unit.

3D User Interface for Viewing and Reporting

Stackflo Sonata WMS tracks the location of every individual crate past the level of a storage location right down to where it is within a given bin. WMS displays this on a screen in 3D. The screen can show, for example, all the crates in the coolroom with a specified datecode.

Remote, Real-Time Reporting of KPIs and Asset Utilisation

Stackflo Sonata WMS collects exquisitely fine-grained data in real time. Reports, including real-time KPIs and equipment utilisation, can be delivered to desktops, notebooks and mobile phones anywhere on the corporate network.

Detailed Logging and Querying of Events

Stackflo Sonata WMS tracks every crate with every move it makes in the coolroom, including where it is within any bin. In consequence the performance of every asset associated with storing and tracking crates is monitored at the moments when they touch crates. When they are not touching crates they are not performing. As events are logged, they are available for querying.

3D Replay

Stackflo Sonata WMS logs every event to do with the movement of every crate through the coolroom. The progress of a crate can be replayed. When viewed in 3D and in fast forward, the actual performance of the coolroom is available for analysis.


Stackflo Sonata WMS knows the movement of every crate through the coolroom, which means it can be traced after the event. It's possible to know where every crate in a specific batch of a product was dispatched to at the press of a button, with high reliability.