Stackflo Sonata Automation

A smaller footprint than any manual system.

Stackflo Sonata automation handles stock from receipt into store, bulk storage, picking, preparation into the desired delivery format - crates, pallets, roll cages, one-way packaging - and subsequent loadout onto a truck.

It does this with less physical equipment than any other proven system and with a smaller and denser footprint than any manual system.


Automated Putaway

Stacks of crates can be automatically collected from the end of lines, and then transferred to conveyors to be transported to bulk storage. No forks are required.

Automated Bulk Store

Bulk storage can be automated in a highly dense format, optimising utilisation of the space available.

Storage movements, retrieval movements and storage locations are all optimised by sophisticated algorithms.

Stackflo Gen 3 Crate Picker

The Stackflo Gen3 Crate Picker is the result of innovative automation development over 60 years, and a specific milk crate focus over 15 years.

It combines a very small footprint with high throughput and attractive affordability. All this is possible due to the unique, patented Stackflo Sonata technology.

Customer Delivery Format

Stackflo Sonata allows for a single mode of logistics – the milk crate - throughout production, bulk storage and picking. Then you choose the way your customer wants to receive their milk.

One way packaging? Rolltainers? Crates on pallets? Bulk crates? At the last station before staging for dispatch, pass the picked quantity of crates through specific equipment to package as the customer desires. Palletise and stretch-wrap. Or de-crate units and feed into a case packer or tray erector.

Avoid the need to duplicate an entire logistics system right back to the filling head, with a small additional amount of equipment required to de-crate the units and place them on a conveyor.

Crates offer excellent protection of the product along with high density storage and low cost picking automation - the Stackflo Gen3.