Stackflo Sonata Support

When you buy our solution you don’t just buy it for a few years.

Milk crate logistics is a foundational part of your business. Like the concrete floor and the coolroom itself.

Stackflo Sonata is designed from the ground up to be supportable. Built using off the shelf components, spares are easily sourced and inexpensive. Existing maintenance staff are familiar with the equipment, and cleaning is easy. From 24/7 rapid response service for short term problems of a few minutes, through to lifetime future-proofing towards growing business needs and changing technology, Stackflo supports you. Along the way, the support agreement includes quarterly surveys by skilled Stackflo technicians.


Easy to Clean

Stackflo Sonata automation utilizes minimal equipment.

The main place spilled milk ends up is on the concrete floor, which is easily accessible. Some detergent, a hose and a broom are all it takes to get that milk into a drain. Any equipment that does get splashed with milk can be simply hosed down.

Off The Shelf Components

Stackflo Sonata automation is built from readily available, off-the-shelf electrical and mechanical components. There are no custom black boxes. Just quality 3 phase motors and VSDs, quality air cylinders, a regular PLC and solid fabricated stainless bodies. Safety fence and structure are of galvanised mild steel.

The components are all the ones that you would expect to find in your maintenance store today. We discuss specific brands with you to achieve the best commonality possible with your existing stock of spare parts. This keeps the cost down and availability of parts high.

Maintainable By On-site Staff

Because the system is built from common components, your existing maintenance staff will already be familiar with servicing and replacing them.

24/7 Rapid Support

Stackflo Sonata automation is simple to maintain and service, but if there is a stoppage this must be rectified immediately.

Maintenance staff call the Stackflo hotline for 24/7 support. Our engineers assist in the diagnosis of problems via the internet. They know the equipment well and can confirm what an issue is and what the corrective measure must be. Then site maintenance staff are able to make the necessary intervention.

Continuous Improvement

The Stackflo Support Agreement allows for comprehensive quarterly surveys of the system by skilled Stackflo technicians, together with monthly conference calls with operational and maintenance staff.

Close collaboration between Stackflo and customer over the life of the system, using data collected automatically from the event logging system, means that performance is continually monitored and that the right people get together to look to ongoing improvements. This process continues through the life of the plant.

Customisation to Meet Changing Needs

New ERP system? Customers requesting changes in delivery format? Relocating your coolroom? Business needs are always changing and you may need your crate logistics system to move with you, years or decades from now.

The Stackflo Support Agreement allows for this, defining a partnership that pays its way, assuring support for as long as you are using the system.

Upgrades to Meet Changing Technology

Even if your business needs are remaining constant, the technology world doesn’t stop changing. New versions of Windows. New network technologies. The Cloud.

The Stackflo Support Agreement is in place to assure continued updating of your software as the technology environment moves forward. Years into the future your system software will be directly relevant to its environment.